Accessories are one thing that is worn by many people around the world. In different cultures throughout the globe, it is often mandatory for the people to wear the accessories. They can be of different types such as bracelets, necklaces, rings etc. One of the most well-known types of accessory that is worn by both men and women is the EAR STRETCHING.

                  source: youtube.com

Guide to stretching your ears

Simple things to remember while a person wants to get their ears stretched.

  • The first thing a person should keep in mind when getting their ears stretched is that they should already have an existing piercing in their ears. This makes it easier for the ear holes to be stretched.
  • The piercing should not be fresh, it should be healed completely before the stretching is done and the person must wait four to six months before getting a new piercing.
  • It is recommended by almost everyone to those who want to get their ears stretched to do it slowly, by increasing the size of the gauge. This way it will be much less painful than it seems to be.
  • A taper is used to stretch the ear, and a person can use when they are fresh out of a harsh shower as the earlobe will be quite flexible and easy to stretch.
  • The person should use the taper slowly on their piercing and if they experience a lot of pain and discomfort then it is a sign that the piercing is not ready to be stretched. Experiencing mild pain and discomfort is quite normal.
  • The most important part is after-care. After stretching the ear a person should make sure to give it proper care and maintenance because the earlobe will be quite sensitive.


It is a trend that been in existence for a very long time and there are also certain cultures around the world which encourage their people to get their ears. With this short guide, a person can have their ears stretched without any hassles.