Few Facts About High Blood Pressure

One out of three adults has high blood pressure which is also known as hypertension. This is the condition where the blood pressure readings are higher and above 140/90 consistently for a number of weeks. Even if you have one of the numbers higher than also it is considered higher blood pressure. The condition High Blood Pressure puts extra strain on the heart to pump blood and the blood vessels take extra strain to supply blood to the other parts of the body and this also increases the risk of stroke or heart diseases. The condition may also lead to other conditions like kidney and heart diseases and also closely linked to other type of dementia.


High Blood Pressure
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The Symptoms and Signs of High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is the condition that occurs without any signs or symptoms. So, the only way to know if you are having higher pressure level is by measuring the blood pressure. But, with a single reading it won’t be possible for you to consider that you are suffering from hypertension. There are many things which may cause the blood pressure to increase throughout the day and hence doctors may take multiple readings before declaring that you are suffering from higher blood pressure.

In some cases, people also complain that they experience mild headaches and feeling of nausea during hypertension and you must not overlook this symptom, instead your doctor and take the reading instantly to know what is causing the headache and feeling of nausea.

Causes of Higher Blood Pressure

There are many culprits that cause High Blood Pressure in people. There is no clear evidence about the things that are the underlying cause of hypertension in people. However, people are at risk when;

  • They eat too much of salt
  • They eat less vegetables and fruits
  • They are not active enough
  • They are obese
  • They drink too much of alcohol


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