intern housing NYC

Interns to New York City (or NYC), alert! If you are looking for accommodation in New York then it is time that you end your search on our page. Intern housing NYC provides is one of the best which you won’t find at many other places around the world. The plethora of options that you hold in your hands is just overwhelming. You have a wide array of types of housing that you can opt for and trust us, you will have a hard time selecting one of those all lucrative options lying before you. Are you ready to explore what kind of Intern housing NYC holds for you? We just heard a loud “yes”.

Intern housing NYC

Types of room

The housing at New York can be of three types, on the basis of the type of rooms available. The following options are the most common.

  • Entire place

This is the grandest of all options. You can rent an entire house for yourself. It will be just like owning a place of yours and being the king of one’s own den. But you will also have to spend like a king.

  • Private room

This is a little less than the previous one but still gives you an option to be the master of your room and the captain of the ambiance. You don’t need to please anyone to keep your room neat and tidy.

  • Shared room

This option does put an onus on you to keep the room tidy and cooperate with the other person sharing your room. But on the upside, the cost is quite low.

Bathroom types

The bathroom can be shared one or a private one, depending on which kind of room you are going with. However, what matters more is the cleanliness and hygiene factor of the bathrooms.

Housing won’t be an issue during your internship. We wish you a very happy stay in NYC.

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